What Results are you Getting from your Beliefs?

who is you Sep 15, 2020

We all have beliefs about our selves, others and the world around us. However, these beliefs, which drive our behaviours and our decisions, often remain unexamined and thus exert an unconscious power over how we live our lives.

To quote Dr. Joe Dispenza, ‘Your personality creates your personal reality’.

What are Self-Limiting Beliefs?

Self-limiting beliefs stop us from reaching our true potential. They limit the scope of our dreams and aspirations because we believe in what we cannot do more than what we can do.  

Here are some of mine:

  • I am not creative
  • I can never sit down
  • I don't know enough
  • Life is about hard work
  • Men are better at negotiating their worth

Of course reading these, you can see how limiting they really are. If I believe that I am not creative then I won’t be creative. If this were my belief, why would I ever write a blog? Why would I create new and exciting exercises for my training programmes? Why would I experiment in life? If I believe I can never sit down, then of course I am always going to be on the go. I will wear my ‘busyness’ like a badge of honour. These beliefs are clearly not going to serve my bigger becoming.

Recognise Your Self-Limiting Beliefs

The first step is to become aware. Ask yourself what are some of the self-limiting beliefs you are carrying around. Write them down. Examine them and by doing this, you are taking away some of their power.

We cannot outperform our thinking but the good news is we can change it!

Ralph Waldo Emerson talked about standing ‘guard at the portal of your mind’.

If we are impeccable about anything we need to be impeccable about our thoughts.

Programme yourself with Empowering Beliefs

When you notice your self-limiting beliefs speaking, press pause and reach for a more empowering belief. Here are some of mine:

  • I was born creative
  • Creativity is expressed in many different ways
  • I have my own unique way of expressing my creativity
  • I value taking time out for me every day
  • I do have time. Of course I have time.

Be a Person of Gratitude

Having a daily gratitude practice is one of the most powerful ways I know to generate a positive, energetic state of being. When I come from a place of gratitude my energy is expansive and my mind is open to possibility.

‘The grateful mind accepts good things. The grateful mind is constantly fixed on the best, therefore it tends to become the best, it takes the form of the best and receives the best.’ Wallace Wattles, Science of Getting Rich.

Have a Vision of Success

Everything is created twice, first in thought and then in life. Mary Morrissey

Tune in to your longing and discontent and from this awareness, ask yourself ‘What would I love?’ In answer to this question, write a vision for your life that is bigger than any self-limiting belief, circumstance or conditioned thinking. Let this vision of a life fully lived inspire your thinking and your action.

Please do share with me your Empowering Beliefs in the comments below and please do share this article with someone you know. It could help them change transform their limiting beliefs into Empowering Beliefs too.


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