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I believe in the 'Who' of you

People are not "what" they do, but "who" they are. If we can focus on the "who" of the person, if we can lean in to what they are saying, how they are feeling, their motivations, the reasons for their actions, their aspirations and more we can create trust.

We can create trust in each other's intentions, trust that we can have honest and robust conversations, trust that we can see things differently yet still find forward movement. 

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Putting 'Who' First is About Culture


It is the foundation of a powerful culture that people want to be part of because within it they know that they matter, their teams matter and therefore the organisation matters.

Who is about recognising the humanity at the heart of the organisation so that individuals, teams and the organisation can thrive. When you put WHO first, watch what can unfold.

We can create trust in each other's intentions, trust that we can have honest and robust conversations, trust that we can see things differently yet still find forward movement.

Putting who first is about "conscious" engagement that goes beyond "what you do" or "what the organisation does". It allows people to show up fully as they are, whether it be in one to one interactions or within their teams.

Let me introduce you to my 'Who'

I am your Coach

PCC Certified Coach, Life Mastery Consultant, Certified in Conversational Intelligence® and the Neuroscience of Change. 

I help you have a conversation with yourself so that you can step out of the weeds, step out of the messiness of your own thinking and see with clarity what is at the core. With complete acceptance of the WHO of you, I support and challenge you to find creative solutions and to navigate a path towards your own determined outcomes.

I am your champion and I am your honest mirror. I will stand with you in empathy and I will accompany you to action. 

Mary Ann MgGowan

I am your Leadership Development Trainer

Masters in HRM, Chartered Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, Diploma in Return on Investment of Training (
Dr. Jack Phillips), Certified Mediator, extensive industry experience to senior level, over 15 years in Leadership Development.

Leadership Development is a Journey not a Destination. You must first journey inward to your patterns and beliefs, your inner dialogues and inner critics. By bringing a conscious awareness to your actions and reactions you can then start to marry your intentions with your impacts.

Bring a consciousness to that process and you bring true authenticity and impact to your leadership.

I am Your Cultural Ambassador


Conversational Intelligence (C-IQ) Certified, Certificate in Adlerian Counselling and Psychology, Transactional Analysis 101, over 15 years working with teams, leaders and individuals to bridge the gap between cultural aspirations and cultural experiences

How we interact with each other, the words we use, the meanings we take from those words, this is our organisational culture. Conversation is at the heart of it. Yet we are often clumsy in that conversation, not speaking with conscious awareness but instead reacting to the circumstances and conditions we are surrounded by. Words create worlds yet my world and your world can be very different.

Trained in a variety of assessment tools, but more importantly an ability to bring psychological safety into the learning space, I help you truly create a ‘lived and felt’ culture that puts WHO at the centre.

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Colin Denman, Former Managing Director of Promed

Mary Ann's approach to creating and delivering the leadership programme was instrumental to its success and I would most definitely recommend Mary Ann where any leadership or communications training and development is part of the company strategy.