How to be a leader who matters

leadership Sep 15, 2020

If you are a leader reading this, know that you matter a great deal to the people you lead. The relationship with you has a direct impact on how people feel about going to work and how they show up at work. If the relationship is healthy and functional then people can show up as they are. If the relationship is not then people will show up ‘careful’.

I have been working with leaders as a trainer and coach for over 15 years now and I have really come to appreciate the value in connecting with people at a human, individual level. I read somewhere that statistics work for groups but do not apply to the individual. Instinctively we know this to be true.

Intention and Impact

John has a pretty good relationship with his boss, however; recently in the lobby of a hotel his boss passed him his completed appraisal form (there has been no discussion) and said ‘by the way, sign that’. The boss was on the phone at the time and missed the look on John’s face.


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