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Coaching 'Who'

I truly believe that each of us has more potential than we could ever achieve in a lifetime. We are built to grow, built to learn and built to achieve. It is from this belief that I work with clients to help them access their own resourcefulness and potential.


The Who Coaching Process - Because the 'Who' of you Matters




What will success look like?

  • Tri-party meeting with sponsor
  • Making the invisible visible
  • Leadership Aspirations 
  • Benchmarks for success 
  • What is working? 
  • Where do I want to develop? 
  • How will we work together? 


Who am I becoming?

  • Building Self Awareness 
  • Discovery Tools 
  • Intention v’s Impact 
  • Key Challenges 
  • Critical Relationships 
  • Organisational Context 
  • Strategic Direction 
  • Validate Key Areas of Focus 
  • Defining the Coaching Roadmap
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What will I commit to doing?

  • Building on strengths 
  • Experimenting to Develop
  • C-IQ® & other tools to build trust, relationships & engagement 
  • Blind Spots 
  • Inner Work 
  • Developing Skills 
  • Experiencing Success 
  • Gaining Insights 
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How am I doing?

  • Debrief with key sponsor on outcomes 
  • Next steps for supporting growth and development 
  • Impact on business, culture, stakeholders 
  • Creating 3-5 year plan for personal & business growth 

Why Executive Coaching? 

Coaching is the most powerful way to help you up-level your leadership and indeed your life.  Why? 

There is so much overwhelm, even when people hear good information they don't always act on it. Information doesn't result in change. Coaching goes deeper and activates the middle brain, pulling out stories, helping clients discern old beliefs that no longer serve, discover gaps in logic, recognize conflicts of values that are keeping them stuck.  

Who am I to tell you that you must change? I am not that person. I will help you stop and think though. I will help you step outside yourself and take a look so you can go beyond the boundaries of what you currently know. 

Coaching will help you discover, experiment, evaluate and take action in service of your greater becoming. 

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I'm Putting 'Who' First!