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Put 'Who' First

This is my Signature Leadership Programme and it is designed to build leadership capacity from the inside out.  

Starting with the ‘Who’ of me, leaders do a deep dive into understanding their own patterns, behaviours and beliefs and emerge with a greater sense of self-awareness, balance and consciousness. 

Through this work, leaders can decide ‘how they want to show up’ as leaders and seek to meet that intention.

The ‘Who’ of Me Honours... 

...the Humanity of the Leader, the journey so far and the journey to come.

The ‘Who’ in our relationships is about bringing that consciousness into the co-creation of effective, productive and human centred healthy relationships. Conversations are at the heart of effective leadership and these moment-by-moment interactions have an impact at a neurological level – in essence is this a ‘safe’ or ‘unsafe’ conversation? Will I open up or close down?

Leaders will become aware of how words create worlds and will learn how to ensure that we are all standing under the same reality. Conversations will happen with courage and candour, the invisible will become visible and thinking will be expanded.

When you Figure out the Conversational Space, Culture takes Care of Itself. 

The ‘Who of our Culture’ is about integrating the learning into the moment-by-moment interactions that make up an organisations’ culture. This course is about establishing a foundation of trust where the ‘who’ of everyone is honoured – the I inside the We. 

Leaders will work towards this integration, through individual Learning Application Projects as well as building the ‘who’ philosophy into the language and conversational space of their teams.

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Learning Methodology

  • Reading, advanced assignments and preparation of real life scenarios will form part of pre-module preparation
  • Pre-work includes self-assessment to establish benchmark for learning evaluation     
  • Participants will complete a learning reflection throughout the programme
  • Field work will be assigned to reflect and apply learning between modules
  • Coaching will be provided to support the integration of learning and application
  • Participants will form a Mastermind Group to provide on-going peer support and learning post-programme 
  • A full evaluation of learning application will close the programme.

9 Days, Over 9 Months

And a Transformation that Lasts

The Who of Me

The 'Who' of Me

In this module you will journey inward and become conscious of the thoughts, feelings and actions that drive your results.

We will bring intentionality to your leadership so that you are clear on your purpose, your contribution and the impact you want to have.

Finally, we seek to help you thrive not just as a leader but holistically in all aspects of your life and well-being.

The Who of Us

The 'Who' in our Relationships

Leadership is above all about relationships.  In this module we will show you how to consciously and explicitly co-create relationships that are built upon a foundation of clear agreements, mutual understanding and individual connection. 

We will teach you about the neurochemistry of conversations, the power of words and how to navigate the gap in our realities. You will learn how to have conversations that create space for awareness, discovery and growth.

Finally, you will learn how to navigate those challenging conversations in a way that surfaces the real issues, mutualise understanding and create agreement for moving forward.

The Who of Me

The 'Who' of our Culture

How do you create a culture that honours the I inside the We; where psychological safety is the only real currency of a healthy, thriving organisation? 

The aim of this module is to help you co-create a culture where the felt experience is in congruence with the espoused culture. 

As a leader you have a big part to play but so does everyone else.  To create a great place to work where people and the organisation thrives needs the commitment of everyone. This is the work of this module. 


The Who of Us

Integrating 'Who' 

From aspiration to application - living into the learning.

The journey doesn't just end. We take the time in our final module to cement the learning, to share our experiences and to evaluate where we are now versus where we began. 

We commit to our next steps and come together as peers in a Mastermind Group setting.  Here, we safely share our real life experiences, wins and challenges drawing on the wisdom of the group to support, to challenge and to be a place of mutual accountability.   

Would you like to put 'Who' first in your organisation? 

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